Donald Trump for President!

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The Tea Party has libertarianism at its core. Many libertarians favor open borders. Their attitude can be summed up as: I don’t care what happens to everyone else, just don’t tax me or tell me what I can’t smoke or drink.

We are different. We believe that liberty is a good start. However, if we want to become a great nation again, we need to take control of our destiny. A libertarian state with open borders is doomed.

Mainstream leaders who embrace the Tea Party ‘movement’ are as reluctant to define it as are the people who show up for events. We are united by our concern about the future of our nation, we resent government programs, we feel our tax dollars are wasted. We hear a lot of complaining but what should be done? 

Support Donald Trump!

He is the only candidate who has any chance of restoring America’s greatness. He knows how to build and grow just like past leaders who made America the greatest country on Earth.

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